Monthly Archives: November 2013

Clawing my way out

My summer should have been idyllic—laughter of children and words of friends, chortling of chickens and song of birds, unfolding of flowers and swelling of fruit—seemingly endless days of sunlight and warmth. I saw the sun, all right, but it was from the bottom of a dark hole; its rays occasionally reached me, but all […]

No going gently into any good nights

It’s been a rough year for my grandma; she’s dealt with pneumonia, the encroaching loss of her eyesight, memory loss, and profound depression. Even so, she’s a fighter; she will never go gently into that good night, and now she’s got the book to prove it. I’d been working with her to collect stories about […]

There are more things in heaven and earth…

Last week, a paranormal investigator came to our library to talk about his experiences researching unexplained phenomena. It was a fascinating discussion, and (HUZZAH!) people actually showed up for this guest speaker!!! I wrote an article about it for the library blog and the local paper, but I wanted to share it on this blog […]


I’ve already written one Homage to my Mother, but I think she deserves a second one. She spent so many years doing all the thankless tasks of motherhood—feeding, diapering, cleaning, dressing, etc.—that she more than deserves a break now that I’ve long been an official adult. Even so, she’s proven time and time again that […]

November flowers and vegetable love

As I write this, I’m sadly coming full circle to the beginning of my blog, which I’d started to help me grieve when Peri, the dog I’d had for thirteen years, became paralyzed and had to be put to sleep. I’d fallen into a dark place, feeling empty and lacerated, until I got my puppy […]