Monthly Archives: December 2014

Art in its many forms

Sage’s first onstage moments at his recent Christmas concert were tense ones as he scanned the audience, desperate to locate a familiar face. All’s well that ends well, though: He located his family and belted out his tunes happily, secure in the knowledge that pitch is optional and lyrics are mutable as long as one […]

Two crazy kids out on the town

A couple of weekends ago, Sage’s friend Emery joined us for a weekend of Christmas-themed adventures. We experienced a horse-drawn wagon ride, reindeer, the lighting of the town Christmas tree, the public library’s outstanding children’s section, and (most importantly at the time) lunch. The following photos serve as testaments to the fact that fun can […]

Returning to my Moments

Almost five days of time away from work have finally reduced, although not eliminated, my screen fatigue. (As much as I love my job, I leave it at the end of each day feeling like I never want to turn on a computer again.) At last, though, I’m ready to return to my long-neglected blog. […]