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Chicken Surprise

On my way out to the compost piles this morning, I was startled to see beady yellow eyes peering at me from a metal bucket lying on top of a pile of cinder blocks. Closer inspection revealed the huddled figure of Flappybird, a chicken recently acquired from our Amish neighbor and named by Sage in […]

Greetings from Sage and Minerva

A few days ago, I was in the garden doing some long-neglected and much-needed weeding. When I finally looked up, I was greeted by a waving Sage holding our chicken Minerva. There’s nothing like the love between a boy and his bird. Don’t worry, though–unlike victims of a recent salmonella outbreak, who allegedly got sick […]

The Garden’s Hidden Treasures

I finally got around to weeding the garden (a long overdue project) and was rewarded by more than just a few tomatoes and the occasional unharvested onion: I also found Minerva’s hidden nest. I’d been wondering why we get so few eggs lately, and part of the mystery was solved when I pulled away a […]

Mini Minerva

Although our beloved chicken Minerva went to the Great Coop in the Sky a couple of weeks ago, a doppelganger is rising to take her place: One of the chicks Sage and I raised this spring is looking more like Minerva every day. In fact, Sage remarked that she looked like she’d swallowed Minerva. We’d […]

In Memory of Minerva

I thought Minerva was the Eternal Chicken. Older than my eight-year-old son, she strutted proudly through yard and garden year after year, her black, bronze, and gold feathers glistening in the sun. She could outwit predators and escape any enclosure, no matter how much my husband tried to heighten the fence and (literally) clip her […]

Chicken Philosophy

A few weeks ago, as Sage was sitting on the swiftly melting remains of his once-glorious snow fort, he learned a valuable life lesson: Happiness may indeed be a warm puppy, but a chicken can bring unexpected joy.

The Avian Interlopers

I’d heard of chickens having a pecking order before, but I’d never experienced it firsthand until one of my co-workers asked me if I would adopt three chickens. (They belonged to her oldest son, who was going off to college and unfortunately couldn’t bring them to the Ivory Tower.) “Sure,” I said. “I’ve already got […]