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A Formal Feeling

I’ve finally moved from Emily Dickinson’s “Sweeping up the heart” phase of grief for my dog Chaussette to her “After a great pain/A formal feeling comes” phase. (Emily Dickinson makes a perceptive guide when navigating the waters of sorrow.) My initial reaction to Chaussette’s premature death—she was barely a year old—was not just sadness, but […]

The Wisconsin governor’s proof that he cares for the little people

Governor’s health care letter A few weeks ago, I wrote to Governor Walker to tell him exactly how much my quality of life has decreased since he took office; I’d had to edit the letter down to fit within the character limit on his website, but the basic letter was posted on my blog a […]

Cancer-free after all…As far as I know, anyway…

Up until a week or two ago, I’d been thinking of health care purely in terms of how much it costs; my husband’s employer does provide a family plan, but it might as well not bother since it costs 50% of his income. We’ve been paying several hundred dollars a month for a plan with […]

Health care hits home

I’ve been trying to come up with something light and cute to write about, but my spirits have been too low lately to write a humorous story. I’ve written quite a bit for the local newspaper and library blog, but that’s about the extent of my writing impulse lately. However, I finally HAVE gotten the […]