Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Cake that Takes the Cake

Bob the Baker (aka Robert Chaffee of Augusta Bakery) has a long history of making excellent birthday cakes for Sage, but this year’s cake truly takes the cake, both literally and figuratively. Sage asks for a different theme this year, and this year he wanted a water park. Somehow, Bob managed to go from Sage’s […]

They’re alive! (Some of them, anyway…)

Today was a marginal day for flying if you’re a bee: breezy, in the low 40’s, with only a few minutes of bright sunlight. Even so, one of my colonies came tumbling enthusiastically out of their top bar hive for a “cleansing flight” (a chance for the bees to finally get out of the hive […]

Unexpected Turkeys

I emerged from my grandma’s assisted living facility last week, blinking in the unaccustomed sunshine. It had been a routine visit; believe you me, when you’re visiting someone who’s 96 years old, the lack of surprises is a good thing. But surprises were yet to come… Startled, I peered down at the tracks in the […]

The Snow Day

The warnings were almost apocalyptic last Tuesday morning: “Almost a foot of snow!” “Blowing!” “Drifting” “Treacherous roads!” “White out conditions!” Although the world was calm and lovely, trees coated in hoarfrost, valleys distant and dreamlike under their spell, local meteorologists were adamant that the peace was only temporary. The world was holding its breath, waiting […]