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Counsels From My Garden

Panicky, overwhelmed, weeds everywhere I looked, purple-leaved tomatoes languishing in their battered metal cages: My garden looked the way I felt. I’d been fighting to stave off panic, and the chaotically overgrown garden seemed a physical manifestation of my frantic mind. My husband had announced that we’d need new siding—the basement walls had begun to […]

The Strawberry Rapture

The End Times were near—for the strawberries, that is. I’d planted them with optimistic visions of having a neatly tended strawberry bed, but my Strawberry Utopia had become the planty version of Lord of the Flies: The tough and dogged survivors were spreading frantically on runners (a garden term that seemed almost literal, so fast […]

Warm silence

My son Sage stayed overnight with his grandma last night, and Paul’s gone to fetch him. I have a few precious hours of solitude, and I want to always remember the moment I just had: napping in the gray light of a cloudy day, stretched on the sofa, puppy warm on my chest, Obligation whimpering […]

Tales from an organic dairy farmer

The Muse is still on sabbatical, so I decided to post an article I just wrote for the local paper. I hope anyone who’s interested in farming, cooking with fresh foods, or green living in general will support Inga’s project and enjoy watching her shows. The Witscher Family Produces Shows As Well As Milk By […]

Mr. Snowlover

The day my son has been dreaming of has finally arrived: the winter’s first snowstorm. A great deal of his young life has passed since the last snow melted; in fact, I saw on the news that many parts of the Midwest had broken records for the most consecutive days without measurable snowfall. And yet […]