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The Orphaned Hostas

Sometimes, Fate tires of determining the destinies of men. At such a time she might dabble with other beings. Hostas, for example. At least, that seemed to be the case when my desperate search for hostas to plant up the shady, overgrown area beneath our deck was suddenly ended by one of my friends’ casual […]

Baby Garden

I’ve spent my previous two posts focusing on my beloved flowers, most of which are currently living in pots. If I just pop a few happily blooming flowers into a pot, voila–I have an instant mini-garden! There are few things more gratifying than maximum beauty for minimum labor. The main garden, alas, is another affair. […]

A Few More of My Floral Amours

My last post was about how I fell in love with a flower. Alas, hussy that I am, I’ve added more floral amours to my life. There’s the red Calynopsis that I bought from the same Amish greenhouse as my beloved Bluebird Columbine: The sturdy pansies, ever cheerful and always faithfully blooming: The lilacs, which […]

Smitten with a Flower

This is the season of flowers: apple blossoms, plum blossoms, lilacs, dandelions, violets, and the cheerful little flowers of ground ivy. (I really don’t understand the virulent public opinion that condemns ground ivy, aka creeping Charlie, as a weed to be utterly eliminated. The bees love it, as do I.) As lovely as these ephemeral […]

Caesar’s New Look

With a wave of her magical clippers, my friend Angie has given me an entirely new dog. Well, maybe they’re not ACTUALLY magical, but they sure seem that way. Thanks to her grooming prowess, Caesar went from adorable long -haired fluffball… To adorable short-haired fluffball. Who knew you could get two dogs for the price […]

A Little Dose of Cuteness

After a long trip to North Dakota and an even longer week tackling the work that piled up in my absence, I’m finally ready to re-enter the World of Blogging. Unfortunately, I have nothing profound or pithy to say, so I’ll compensate with a little dose of cuteness. Here goes: I couldn’t have said it […]

Hover Boy

I admit, I was skeptical when Sage first started campaigning for a hover board. From the way he explained it, it sounded like a Segue without the stick–and I don’t even understand the point of a Segue WITH a stick when owned by a person with functioning legs! But Sage was adamant: He HAD to […]