Monthly Archives: June 2019

The Wild Garden: Even Wilder

As the summer progresses, the Wild Garden is getting even wilder. The border is advancing each year, and even our little decorative windmill can’t hold it back. The garden–or as I prefer to call it, the “Wildlife Refuge”–continues to host a Darwinian struggle between some of the toughest plants I know: comfrey, jerusalem artichoke, raspberry, […]

The Orphaned Hostas

Sometimes, Fate tires of determining the destinies of men. At such a time she might dabble with other beings. Hostas, for example. At least, that seemed to be the case when my desperate search for hostas to plant up the shady, overgrown area beneath our deck was suddenly ended by one of my friends’ casual […]

Baby Garden

I’ve spent my previous two posts focusing on my beloved flowers, most of which are currently living in pots. If I just pop a few happily blooming flowers into a pot, voila–I have an instant mini-garden! There are few things more gratifying than maximum beauty for minimum labor. The main garden, alas, is another affair. […]

A Few More of My Floral Amours

My last post was about how I fell in love with a flower. Alas, hussy that I am, I’ve added more floral amours to my life. There’s the red Calynopsis that I bought from the same Amish greenhouse as my beloved Bluebird Columbine: The sturdy pansies, ever cheerful and always faithfully blooming: The lilacs, which […]