Monthly Archives: May 2014

Mystery honey and falling combs

Apparently, my bees heard that our camera’s memory card malfunctioned, destroying the pictures of my husband Paul cleverly repairing their fallen comb, and they wanted the world to know of his ingenuity. They obligingly let another comb fall, so I have fresh new documentation of man/bee symbiosis. I’d been thinking I should probably do another […]

Scions of a plucky rogue

As I mentioned previously, the stronger colony has represented its own significant chapter in the beekeeping saga. Happily, it’s still gamely carrying on no matter what idiot mistakes I make. And my first idiot mistake was a doozy, at least from my perspective. I had gone out early one morning to check their sugar water […]

Things are not as dead as they appear

I mentioned in the previous post that my bee dreams, like the plans of Robert Burns’s mouse, were going agley. Some of this “agleyness” was due to circumstances beyond my control. For one thing, although I’d selected the last possible delivery date in the hope that the weather would have warmed by then, the week […]

The Arrival of the Bees

I’d always associated beehives with the traditional square-shaped Langstroth hive—there’s one right across the field that stoked my bee dreams every time I looked up from doing dishes. (It’s an old one that my Amish neighbor Jacob happened to have when a swarm landed in our wild plum tree a couple of summers ago. Alas, […]

Bee dreams revisited

Several months ago, I wrote about my bee dreams; for years, I’d loved watching the bees buzzing industriously through my garden, and I’d even had a moment of profound bonding with a Slacker Bee. We’d communed silently as she rested on an angelica leaf, leisurely grooming herself, apparently defying the Bee Work Ethic. Although the […]