Monthly Archives: April 2016


According to Lucy Larcom, “He who plants a tree, plants a hope.” Well, my menfolk have just planted THREE hopes: two Honeycrisp apple trees and a weeping willow, to be precise. And they’ve planted this hope in me: that Sage will have many years and many fond memories of eating homegrown apples, and that the […]


Recently, Sage had $20 of leftover birthday money burning a hole in his pocket. It was his money, and he was going to spend it as he saw fit. After much deliberation, he concluded that the best possible investment of his $20 would be in a giant inflatable shark. His new acquisition—aptly if not creatively […]

A Brief Bunny Visit

A week or two ago, I was getting ready to change the water in the chicken pen when my eye was caught by unexpected movement; turning, I realized there were three bunnies squirming in an indentation at the bottom of a nearby hay bale. They had all their fur, but their eyes were still closed. […]

The Fuzzy Newcomers

Much to Sage’s delight, this year is a Chick Year. (We raise a new batch of chicks every two years in order to ensure a steady supply of eggs.) The fresh eggs will be a nice perk when these birds come of age, but for now, they’re earning their keep in cuteness.

Foxy Gets a New Look

A few days ago, Sage dug out his long-neglected stuffed fox and and dressed it in his old clothes. “Foxy” is now Sage’s new buddy–although Sage vehemently denies that Foxy is his “new best friend” and will retaliate angrily if one even suggests such an outlandish idea. It’s amazing what strange and wonderful things happen […]