Monthly Archives: October 2013

Mr. Squitty

Things weren’t looking too good for the one-eyed goldfish. An impulse purchase at a long-forgotten fair, the stuffed fish had languished on a dusty shelf for years. He’d lost one of his black button eyes in an also-forgotten and probably dog-related incident, which didn’t increase his prospects of becoming a beloved plaything. And yet there’s […]

An experience to put all bad days into perspective…

The library where I work recently invited climber and author Isabel SuppĂ© to come speak about her near-death experience when, while climbing in the Andes, she and her partner plunged 1100 feet down a mountain. Unfortunately, nobody showed up; I felt awful about that. The silver lining, though, was that I got a chance to […]

The Wisconsin governor’s proof that he cares for the little people

Governor’s health care letter A few weeks ago, I wrote to Governor Walker to tell him exactly how much my quality of life has decreased since he took office; I’d had to edit the letter down to fit within the character limit on his website, but the basic letter was posted on my blog a […]

Shameless promotion of local artists

I’ve been remiss in my Moments of Unexpected Beauty entries partly because I’ve been writing a lot for the blog at the library where I work. I don’t know how many people that might see this entry live in West Central Wisconsin, but I figure it couldn’t hurt to give these artists as much publicity […]

Cancer-free after all…As far as I know, anyway…

Up until a week or two ago, I’d been thinking of health care purely in terms of how much it costs; my husband’s employer does provide a family plan, but it might as well not bother since it costs 50% of his income. We’ve been paying several hundred dollars a month for a plan with […]