Monthly Archives: August 2015

Sage’s Dream

A recent excavation of accumulated desk papers revealed the following treasure: a sticky note. It wasn’t just any sticky note, though; it was one on which I’d scribbled down then-three-year-old Sage’s description of a dream he’d had the night before. I’d been struck at the time by the haiku-like beauty of his words, and I […]

Lilies on a dreary day

Today is dreary: the sky is gray, the wind is howling, and inspiration is lacking. So instead of writing, I’ll send you some lilies instead.

The Avian Interlopers

I’d heard of chickens having a pecking order before, but I’d never experienced it firsthand until one of my co-workers asked me if I would adopt three chickens. (They belonged to her oldest son, who was going off to college and unfortunately couldn’t bring them to the Ivory Tower.) “Sure,” I said. “I’ve already got […]

Sage the Aspiring Photographer

Sage has recently developed a passion for photography. It might prove to be almost as transient as his other passions; after all, his bedroom is littered with toys that were his intensely loved “best friends” for fewer than 48 hours. But since he’s been so engaged (and adorable) during his forays into photography, I figured […]

Voyage to the Windy City

Last weekend, Sage and I rode with my mom and step-dad to Chicago to visit my brothers and their families. I’m not feeling particularly eloquent at the moment, so I’ll just share a few highlights.