Monthly Archives: January 2014

Sweeping up the heart

Last night was my first night without Chaussette. It should have been wonderful and luxurious, my first opportunity in weeks for eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. (Chaussette could tell when seizures were coming, and she’d figured out quickly that the best way to get some human attention when that happened was to jump up on […]

Remembering Chaussette

I started this blog in order to help me deal with my grief over my dog Peri’s death, and now I’ve come full circle: it’s Chaussette I have to grieve today. I’ve known this was coming since November, when the vet gave her a grim prognosis after a severe seizure episode. And yet I couldn’t […]

Entrail-Strewn Children’s Literature

After realizing that my references to Sage’s fib-induced nose-growth were pretty well lost on him, I concluded that it was time for him to see Pinocchio in order to fully appreciate my wit. His recent bout of “mimpendicitis” offered the perfect opportunity; we were confined indoors by illness and egregiously cold outdoor temperatures, so it […]

An afternoon at Gessner

My grandma’s been struggling with a host of physical and emotional burdens lately, but she’s nothing if not determined; she’s returned to her home, a beautifully refurbished old farmhouse called Gessner after the road it’s on. Paul, Sage, and I went to visit her there last Sunday. Visits to Gessner always give me the slightly […]

Horses in the hoarfrost

My son hopped off the schoolbus a few days ago, and we headed for the house as we usually do. But the day’s calm gray beauty hadn’t yet waned; even though it was late afternoon and the darkness was approaching, the trees were still enrobed in hoarfrost. Sage was more than willing to come back […]


Yesterday marked a doleful First: the arrival of Sage’s first green slip from school. I’d grown complacent in the absence of these ominous little papers, but now I have official documentation of my son’s delinquency. His transgression wasn’t quite worthy of a trip to the principal, but it was clearly obnoxious; his teacher’s hastily scrawled […]

Apples on a winter tree

Yesterday I took advantage of a “warm up” (temperatures slightly above zero!!!) to refill the bird feeders, and I was both pleased and amazed to realize that despite a spell of the coldest weather in decades, one of my apple trees is still stubbornly clinging to its fruit. Maybe I shouldn’t encourage its mania–those shriveled […]