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The Brief and Illustrious Career of Frecky

A couple of days ago, Sage and I harvested the first few strawberries from our garden. Most went quietly and unsung to their demise, but one stood out: Frecky. Sage felt the need to name this unusually shaped berry after pointing out that it looked like a character from Diary of a Wimpy Kid, complete […]

Dish Inspiration

I had a revelation a few days ago: It was induced, as so many revelations are, by a pile of dirty dishes. They sat in the sink after dinner, exuding the silent but intimidating “You must do us now” vibe that all dirty dishes emit. Generally, I obey this silent command–or sometimes Paul will, if […]

Halloween Greetings from a Box Turtle

Unfortunately (read: “fortunately”), Sage’s elementary school forbade violent costumes, so his original soldier get-up was off the table. I was secretly grateful that I wouldn’t be obliged to pack him off to school bearing arms. Happily, Sage had another idea in mind for the school party: He would be a box turtle. Why a box […]

The Halloween Party

Halloween came early this year, and it conveniently chose a perfect Fall day for its arrival. Well, it wasn’t OFFICIALLY Halloween, but close enough. My friend Angie–who somehow finds time to host outstanding parties while raising three boys and running a business–held her annual Halloween party yesterday. The party’s arrival caught Paul and Sage off […]

Another Chicken Proverb

My chicken Feisty is engaged in yet another futile quest for maternity. This is her second “broody” period; she sits in the coop all day, stubbornly warming the unfertilized eggs beneath her. Taking them out makes no difference. There will always be another one, and darn it, she’s a chicken with a mission. She’d done […]

The Evolution of a Leaf Monster

Fall is here, and as I’ve learned recently, it provides a natural habitat for Leaf Monsters (otherwise known as six-year-old boys in leaf piles.) Behold my recent documentation of one of these elusive creatures: Please note: This photo documentary was created at the express request of the Leaf Monster himself.

Cannibal Bunny Mama

I’ve long been justifying the distinctly unkempt state of my flower and vegetable gardens by calling them “wildlife refuges.” Lame as it is, my justification was proven accurate when, a few weeks ago, my husband Paul discovered four adorable baby bunnies nestled in the flower garden. He called me over, and my heart was warmed […]