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Recently, Sage had $20 of leftover birthday money burning a hole in his pocket. It was his money, and he was going to spend it as he saw fit. After much deliberation, he concluded that the best possible investment of his $20 would be in a giant inflatable shark. His new acquisition—aptly if not creatively […]

Good Old Fashioned Play Time

Although Santa was VERY good to Sage this year, Sage was in the mood for some old-fashioned play time last week. He made a cap that, as he was eager to explain, could double as a boat. He then made a barn out of paper that he quickly converted into an airplane hangar, an appropriate […]

The View Masters

  My son Sage and husband Paul recently acquired new toys from my grandma’s house: two vintage View Masters that used to belong to my dad and aunt and a large collection of slides to go with them. I’ve recently seen ads for virtual reality goggles, but after seeing how fascinated my menfolk were by […]