Monthly Archives: December 2018

A Whitish Christmas

This Christmas could hardly described as a white one, but neither was it completely brown. I do believe the best adjective would be “whitish.” The landscape was covered with a dusting of snow just thick enough to cover its modesty but not so thick that, had it been human and out in public, it wouldn’t […]

My Sister, the Christmas Village Elf

My industrious little sister Alondra has accomplished a LOT in her young life, from playing percussion in Honors bands to getting impressive grades in Honors courses, and now she can add Christmas Village Elf to her already considerable resume. Along with a group of fellow student volunteers, Alondra helped set up displays for the Christmas […]

Canine Besties

Like every staid middle-ager who just wants to rest, sometimes Court is less than thrilled by Caesar’s frequent play bouncing. Still, the two dogs have overcome their differences in age and size to become canine besties. Here are a few scenes from their friendship: It is, indeed, a dog’s life.

The Cherry Pie

I’m pleased to announce that after much labor (and some muttered obscenities), I produced a cherry pie that was both edible and aesthetic. Both sides of my family contributed to its creation: My dad and stepmom had given me the cherry pie filling after their trip to Door County, and my mom’s mother had made […]