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The Impromptu Concert

All the world’s a stage if one has a trombone and a pick up truck. That’s what Sage recently demonstrated when he gave an impromptu open air performance. Great art just can’t be contained within walls.

Sage’s Day of Artistic Triumph

Sage is a boy of  many talents, and he got to show some of them off at his school’s Spring Arts Festival. Of course, he played recorder along with his class on their group songs, but he also stepped into the spotlight. After playing a duet with one of his best friends, he performed the […]

Sage and the Doppelganger

“All my friends get to go on vacation, and I have to spend spring break helping my dad remodel a bathroom!” Such was Sage’s piteous lament. I pointed out on the first day of spring break that his buddy Isaiah was currently packed into a car with his two older brothers, half way to Texas […]

The Award-Winning Artist

When I picked Sage up after school yesterday, I knew something was up: His eyes were darting as though little joyful minnows were swimming around in his skull. But since we were at the public library, I had to wait to learn the minnows’ origin until we were in the privacy of our car. Then […]

Sage’s Masterpieces

Sage receives frequent visits from his Muse: Sometimes she inspires him to sing. Sometimes she inspires him to dance. And sometimes she inspires him to draw. Here are a view of his divinely inspired masterpieces:

The Arboreal Artiste

I’m pleased to report that Sage has graduated from his previous holiday decorating technique, which is best described as “Randomly Throwing Tinsel on Things.” This year, he draped his garland and placed his ornaments with a true eye for aesthetic effect. I was most pleased with his efforts (which, we have to admit, had a […]

Sage’s Continued Inspiration

The Muse has descended to inspire Sage once again, and this time she’s diversifying her media. While origami remains one of his first loves, he was inspired by an art lesson to draw what he calls a Zen tangle. He also assembled a puzzle built a house and added to his origami collection. Then, he […]

The Artist Continues His Work

Sage’s artistic productions have continued; last week, he prepared for his school’s Christmas concert by transforming an ordinary orange into a mini-masterpiece. Ah, but the Muse has been good to him this holiday season…

The Artist at Work

As Christmas approaches, my little artist has been hard at work. Here are a few of his latest efforts:   As impressive as Sage’s work has been, he knows that as an artist, it’s important to stop and recharge one’s creative batteries.

Art in its many forms

Sage’s first onstage moments at his recent Christmas concert were tense ones as he scanned the audience, desperate to locate a familiar face. All’s well that ends well, though: He located his family and belted out his tunes happily, secure in the knowledge that pitch is optional and lyrics are mutable as long as one […]