I recently wrote a post extolling the virtues of positive karma–to sum up, I donated $100 to charity, then unexpectedly got a job as a substitute teacher that paid $100. Well, Nemesis has apparently concluded that A) I was too proud of myself and my good karma and B) She’s just as powerful as karma is, anyway. Plus, she’s got Irony on her side. I posted just recently about my fear of driving in the dark, and while I’m pleased to report that I’VE been getting home safely (so far, anyway), my husband’s car has not had the same good fortune. Yesterday, right after he’d picked up our son from the babysitter’s house, a deer hit HIM; it careened straight into the driver’s side door, smashing the door so badly that Paul could barely get out. Fortunately, he and Sage were uninjured, but the car has more than $5000 worth of damage to it. We have insurance on it, but we’ll have to pay the $500 deductible, and Paul’s concerned that the insurance adjuster might decide to just total the car out since the repairs cost almost as much as the Blue Book value of the vehicle. I just finished paying off the car last week. I’m worried that if we end up just getting the $5000 value of the car, there’s no way we’ll be able to get a new one that’s as efficient and safe as this one, a Honda Civic that cost over $13,000 used when we bought it five years ago. I was also counting on some time with no car payments to help cushion us financially; since my husband makes $14/hour with no benefits, and I work part-time at $8/hour, saving the $264.04 a month was a big deal to us. But who knows what we’ll be facing now… I know there’s no point in fretting about it until the insurance adjuster looks at the car tomorrow, so I’m hoping that writing this down will help get some of the anxiety out, at least temporarily. The same goes for my anger; when the deer hit Paul’s car, he wasn’t on a road that he should have been on to get home. When he stopped by the library as I was working my evening shift there, a friend’s casual question forced him to admit that he’d been heading to Eau Claire to buy the new season of The Simpsons. I was both incredulous and enraged: I was supposed to go to Eau Claire today for a grant training session, so he couldn’t wait 24 HOURS to see the (insert forceful adjectives here) SIMPSONS??!!  He felt it necessary to drive half an hour in the dark to buy the stupid DVD set??!! And now our financial future is totally off-kilter because of his idiotic decision??!! I’d bought the DVD set for him today since his birthday is right before Christmas, but now the shows will be forever tinged with a shade of anger in my mind. On a lighter note, though, I was fuming my way through the library stacks, finishing my shelving after he left, when I saw two little feet sticking out from between the library’s beanbag and giant stuffed bear. When the owner, an adorable little girl, heard me coming, she emerged and promptly began to demonstrate her dance moves in her ballet-like shoes. She also provided me with a running commentary on her reading selections and chattered pretty much non-stop until I got her settled with some craft supplies at the Santa-letter-writing station. It was nigh impossible to remain cranky in the face of such sweet and voluble innocence, so my anger dissipated. For the moment, anyway; we’ll see how it is tomorrow after the insurance adjustor has spoken…



  1. What a scary situation! I can see how you would be upset. I guess karma bit your husband for trying to sneak up to E.C. – wrong place at the wrong time 😦 I’m so glad they’re OK though. Was Sage scared?

    1. Fortunately, Sage wasn’t scared at all; he was only vaguely aware that something had even happened since the deer hit the opposite side of the car from where he was seated, and Paul then simply pulled to a stop. I’m still waiting for the verdict from the insurance adjuster, but I need to remind myself to focus on the fact that Paul and Sage are OK, which is the important thing no matter how the money situation turns out. I hope the deer have been satisfied in their aggressions for now and that you, your family, and your vehicle remain intact! > Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2012 05:09:05 +0000 > To: reharris68@hotmail.com >

  2. First of all, I am also glad the boys were not hurt!! I would scold Paul, but I bet you have already taken care of that, ? So…I will scold the deer (“Dumb, Stupid Deer!!). I really enjoy following you oin your new blog. i miss our late night library chats. i also miss reading to the Sage-A-Roo! he is a wonderful listener, for me anyway, he he he. Hope the insurance beast has some positive news. See you Wednesday for Book Group. MMmmm….. cookies!

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