A Properly Materialistic Christmas

Sage with tree and Lego robot

Sage with his new Lego Boost

Despite my best intentions, eco-friendly, service-oriented gifts just aren’t cutting it with Sage: It’s Legos and remote-control vehicles all the way.

Grandma Mary Ann and Papa scored a major coup with the Mother of All Christmas Gifts–a remote control Lego set. (Although it can be constructed in several different ways, its current incarnation is a robot.) Sage programs codes that make the robot go through increasingly complicated motions.

Wading through the piles of packaging on Christmas Day, I couldn’t help feeling like a failure because I hadn’t raised the selfless kind of child whose only wish is world peace and who’s busy raising money for the homeless. On the other hand, the coding paradigm he’s learning could very well allow him to support Paul and me in our old age.

If nothing else, Grandma Mary Ann and Papa–not Santa–got the credit they so richly deserved.

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