The Garden’s Hidden Treasures


Minerva and her hidden nest

I finally got around to weeding the garden (a long overdue project) and was rewarded by more than just a few tomatoes and the occasional unharvested onion: I also found Minerva’s hidden nest.

I’d been wondering why we get so few eggs lately, and part of the mystery was solved when I pulled away a curtain of foxtail and motherwort to reveal five gleaming white eggs neatly arranged in a snug little indentation. No wonder Minerva had taken on her predecessor’s penchant for leaping the pen fence and wandering off–this was a chicken with a plan.

She stalked over indignantly when she saw her hiding spot had been compromised and, after some righteous rearranging of her masterwork, she stalked off again, doubtless in search of a better nesting spot. (She hasn’t laid in this one since that day.)

When the old Minerva passed away, I’d thought my days of struggling to outwit a chicken were over. Alas, they’ve clearly just begun…

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