Mini Minerva

Mini Minerva in profile

Mini Minerva

Although our beloved chicken Minerva went to the Great Coop in the Sky a couple of weeks ago, a doppelganger is rising to take her place: One of the chicks Sage and I raised this spring is looking more like Minerva every day. In fact, Sage remarked that she looked like she’d swallowed Minerva.

We’d originally named her “Snuggly” because she was a sleepy chick, always wedging herself under the wings of the others, but I’m now inclined to call her “Mini Minerva.” To clinch the deal, she’s now become the only chicken able and willing to jump the fence, just as her predecessor had done. She started performing this feat within days of Minerva’s death. Fortunately, she’s also displaying Minerva’s uncanny intelligence and is wise enough to stay in the pen when hawks are making lazy loops over our yard.

Mini Minerva

Mini Minerva’s head and chest are distinctly her own in this shot, but Sage thought that her body makes her look like she swallowed Minerva.

The resemblance is probably due to their being of the same breed; Mini Minerva is an Araucana, although the original Minerva was a barnyard chicken of unknown provenance.

But it’s a lot more fun to believe in Chicken Reincarnation.


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  1. I like Sage’s remark. I too think Chicken Reincarnation is more spiritual!

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