Greetings from Sage and Minerva

Sage holding Minerva and waving

Sage and Minerva greet their fans.

A few days ago, I was in the garden doing some long-neglected and much-needed weeding. When I finally looked up, I was greeted by a waving Sage holding our chicken Minerva. There’s nothing like the love between a boy and his bird.

Don’t worry, though–unlike victims of a recent salmonella outbreak, who allegedly got sick from kissing their chickens, Sage knows better than to smooch his poultry. He has many other habits of questionable hygienic value, but I’m pleased to report that chicken kissing is not among them. As far as I know, anyway…

One comment

  1. You are preserving a cute little flash of memory here, Rebecca. As for weeds, I’ve given up and am enlisting grandson Ian’s help in pulling out those persistent pests. Ugh!

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