Birthday Boy Takes the Cake

For most of his existence, Sage has posed a challenge to the Augusta Bakery: Every year, he wants something new on his cake. He’s been through cars, speedboats, and other such manly themes, and each request has been gratified with a beautifully decorated cake depicting the object of his desire in frosting.

Smiling Sage with cake

Sage and last year’s Awesome Birthday Cake

But as Sage has grown more sophisticated, so have his cakes. I thought nothing could top last year’s cake, with its three dimensional water slide and cheerful little swimmers bobbing in their pool of frosting.

However, Bob the Baker proved me wrong. This year, Sage wanted a Nerf gun cake, and boy howdy, did he get one.


Sage, Emery, and this year’s Awesome Cake

Although I’m generally opposed to violence, I couldn’t help but admire the artistry of this weapon-shaped confection with its stack of blue bullets.

The rest of the party-goers admired it as well–until they ate it. The consensus was that the cake was as tasty as it was cool.

Thanks, Augusta Bakery–I can’t wait to see what you come up with next year!


Of course, Sage’s dad was there to help cut the cake. And consume it. He did an admirable job on both fronts.

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  1. A moment of unexpected cake and consumption – entertaining story, Rebecca!

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