The Crab Cake

Each year, Sage requests a different theme for his birthday cake, and Bob–Master Baker at the Augusta Bakery –has never failed to deliver.

In the beginning, the cakes were cute but unsurprising; icing images of Sage’s boyish requests were drawn on the cakes: one year a race car, another year a speed boat.

Then Bob got creative. When Sage requested a water park on his cake three years ago, it wasn’t just a picture of a water park: The cake had a 3D water slide, complete with little swimmers bobbing on the frosting. Last year, Sage’s cake was shaped like a Nerf gun.

When Sage departed from his usual stereotypically masculine requests to ask for a hermit crab this year, I thought Bob couldn’t outdo his previous masterpieces.

Fortunately, I was wrong.

Close up crab cake.jpg

Sage’s crab cake

The cake was so adorable, I felt bad about cutting it up. Sage, however, had no such compunctions. After carefully arranging ten candles on the crab–giving it a curious crab/porcupine hybrid look–he lit them:

Sage putting candles on cake

Sage lighting candles on his crab cake

Blew them out:

Sage blowing out candles

Sage blowing out his crab candles

And butchered the crab without mercy.

Sage cutting cake

The end of the crab

I have to admit that I found the demise of the crab a little disturbing, but it was by all accounts a delicious sacrifice to the birthday cause.

I can’t wait to see what Bob comes up with next year.

One comment

  1. That crab was made to be butchered. What a great combo of imagination: Bob’s and Sage’s. Happy Birthday, Sage!

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