The Cake that Takes the Cake

Smiling Sage with cake

Sage and his fabulous birthday cake

Bob the Baker (aka Robert Chaffee of Augusta Bakery) has a long history of making excellent birthday cakes for Sage, but this year’s cake truly takes the cake, both literally and figuratively.

Sage asks for a different theme this year, and this year he wanted a water park. Somehow, Bob managed to go from Sage’s original concept design (basically, a line with a curve at the end) and produce a three dimensional piece de resistance.

Sage's cake side view

The water slide on Sage’s cake sticks up, making you feel like you’re actually IN a sugary little water park.

Sage's cake top view

Sage’s cake from a bird’s eye view

Close up water slide

You would think that the guy in the inner tube, who has a shark fin following him, would be the one in mortal danger. Unfortunately, it was the guy on top of the water slide who met an untimely end when the Birthday Boy accidentally decapitated him. The cake still looks pretty darn cool, though.

I hope the rest of Sage’s eighth year on Earth is as completely awesome as his birthday cake!


  1. Happy Birthday, Sage!

  2. Great cake. I hope he had a great birthday

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