A Floral Sanctuary

Now that July’s heat and humidity have arrived with a vengeance, the garden is responding vigorously (especially the weedy residents of said garden.) Most of the vegetables seem to be holding their own, but the battle to keep them from being swamped is perpetual.

At times, it’s overwhelming, and I become even more grateful for my floral sanctuary: A collection of flower-filled pots and planters that provided me with instant gratification during the planting season and now are providing me with an almost weedless refuge.


A view of the floral sanctuary


This lobelia and pansy filled pot is one of my favorite sanctuary residents. I only wish I’d have taken a picture of it earlier, when creamy white snapdragons were blooming in the center and providing a lovely contrast to the blue and purple of the other flowers.

Of course, not everything is still blooming vigorously–my beloved red calynopsis is almost faded out, for example–but the pansies and dianthus are as plucky as ever, and the lobelia is finally blooming.


Alas, the formerly vivid calynopsis is now down to a single bloom.

When the weeds are overwhelming, the floral sanctuary gives me peace.

Court likes it too.


Court relaxes among the flowers.

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