Kuan Yin’s Evolving Garden

Kuan Yin with Sage

Earlier this spring, Kuan Yin presided over a garden where only chives bloomed.

My beloved stargazer lilies, the spectacular white bells of the yucca, and the fragrant Madonna lilies are all faded away now; only the statue of Kuan Yin remains constant in my circle garden. But she reminds me that each loss brings a renewal, and each faded flower drops to make way for a new blossom. These two images–one from early spring, one from a couple of weeks ago–reflect the constancy of change.

Kuan Yin and flowers

Kuan Yin contemplates the blooming echinacea and liatris around her.

I’m still grateful for Kuan Yin’s tranquil and unchanging presence, though.

One comment

  1. Since our move, I’ve brought over the sitting angel statue, but not the boy and girl reading. I kept it there for staging, but I doubt that buyers care either way. Besides I miss it here.

    I like the idea that your garden is circular, a pleasing shape. 🙂

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