A Visit from the Sun

Sun in tree

The unexpected visitor

Turning toward the kitchen, thinking thoughts of supper, I was startled by the sun. A shaft of light came hurtling through the living room window, and suddenly everything was golden.

I turned and came face to face with the shaft-hurling culprit–a glowing orb that seemed to be perched in a neighbor’s tree, peering curiously at Sage and me.

The sun posed in the branches just long enough for Sage to snap a shot. He was disappointed in the result–the sun was just too splendid to capture on a cell phone. Then, with a philosophical shrug and the observation that “Nothing is ever as good on a camera,” he wandered off.

How true, my son, how true.

One comment

  1. Tell Sage this snapshot made me gasp; it is so beautiful. And I understand the limitations of a cellphone camera. A radiant rainbow I snapped once turned out dull in translation, but I remember the true blues and other hues of the original.

    I like how your website name matches the title – ha!

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