The View Masters


Sage and Paul holding Viewmasters

Paul and Sage inspect their newly acquired View Masters.

My son Sage and husband Paul recently acquired new toys from my grandma’s house: two vintage View Masters that used to belong to my dad and aunt and a large collection of slides to go with them.

Paul looking at Sage with Viewmaster

Sage works to figure out how his View Master works.

I’ve recently seen ads for virtual reality goggles, but after seeing how fascinated my menfolk were by their new toys, I don’t think our family needs such a thing.

Paul and Sage looking into

The boys play with their new toys.

There’s still much to be said for Old School…


One comment

  1. Oh, my goodness, what a find! Because you follow my blog, you know that I have been unearthing Kodachrome and Eckachrome slides. Even though I do have an oldie but goodie Carousel slide projector, if I want to inspect the photo right away, I slip it into one of these View Masters. How cool is that! Nice to see your husband getting in on the action too.

    Virtual reality is a great way to describe them!

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