Amish Llama and Friends


The Amish Llama on a break from its sheep guarding duties

The landscape around me is donning her white mantle even as I type, but the shameless hussy went naked for an unusually long time this fall. Fortunately, she had some lovely livestock to offset the bleakness of her nudity.

My favorite adornment is the Amish Llama, which has been faithfully guarding its flock for several years now. Despite its long-time residency, I never cease to be thrilled by its exotic presence in the otherwise pedestrian Wisconsin landscape.


The Amish Llama prepares to return to its duty guarding the flock, which is grazing beneath the windmill.

Another longtime jewel of the landscape is the aptly named Beauty, an Amish buggy horse with distinctive white stripes on her muzzle and a pronounced fondness for apples. I made her acquaintance during my first year in Augusta; like her companions, she would come to the fence for windfall apples from our big, overgrown trees. Unlike most of her fellows, though, she would often linger and let me scratch her chin; during those lovely time-stopping moments, my whole world would be warm breath and liquid eyes.

This year, I’ve only encountered Beauty from a distance, in a different pasture, but I’m still as thrilled to see her as I ever was.


Beauty in her new field

And of course, since this is Wisconsin, I mustn’t forget the cows. Lots and lots of cows. Well, many of them are actually steers–young and lively, with a penchant for following Court and me as we walk–but it’s so much more fun to say “cows.”


Steers tend to observe me as curiously as I observe them.

Many of the animals are still out, wading through new-fallen snow–a pretty sight in itself.I’ll always be grateful for their placid, steady grazing during the bleakest and ugliest of periods, though, and I’ll try to follow their example.

One comment

  1. I love your “animals” theme here. Though I have never heard of an Amish llama, the mention brought back memories of the Christmas my Aunt Ruthie donated funds for a llama to a needy family in our name. I was happy this family would have this beast to help sustain life, but I really wanted a book too.

    This Christmas I am donating a goat to a foreign family in need also (via Samaritan’s Purse), but the grands will still have something else to unwrap under the tree. Ha!

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