The Cherry Pie

Court with cherry pie

Court guards the cherry pie.

I’m pleased to announce that after much labor (and some muttered obscenities), I produced a cherry pie that was both edible and aesthetic.

Both sides of my family contributed to its creation: My dad and stepmom had given me the cherry pie filling after their trip to Door County, and my mom’s mother had made the pie pan (conveniently inscribed with a cherry pie recipe) when I was just a little whippersnapper.

The pie was a moving testament to the nourishment–both physical and spiritual–that families provide.

Also, it was a LOT of work.

I think I’ll leave my moving testaments strictly metaphorical until the next holiday season rolls around.

One comment

  1. Plaudits on producing an edible and aesthetic cherry pie, Rebecca. Somehow I don’t think that Court would be a very good guard of a yummy dessert. 😉

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