Soccer Sage

Sage on soccer field

Sage on the soccer field

When Sage told me he wanted to join the local soccer club, I have to confess that I was skeptical. So many of his interests had been ephemeral, and I did NOT want to pay $40 for fees and a jersey, only to have the jersey languish dustily in his closet next to the $50 once-worn Cub Scout shirt.

But Sage insisted, so we shelled out. (A fellow soccer mom’s assurance that this activity involved no fundraising and minimal parental involvement helped ease the sting.)

So far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Sage’s persistence; he’s been faithful about attending practices and games. He’s clearly not destined to become a professional athlete–at times, he has the befuddled air of a spectator who accidentally wandered onto the field, and he spent a large part of the last game with his hands in his pockets. Even so, he’s occasionally sprung to attention and delivered some fairly impressive moves.

Sage kicking soccer ball

Sage demonstrates his new-found athleticism.

And, even if I can’t count on athletic scholarships to pay for Sage’s college education, he’s still having a good time.

Sage and Braedin at picnic table

Sage with one of his best friends, a seasoned soccer pro

And that’s worth more than any scholarship. (I’ll try to remember that when we receive our first tuition bill…)

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  1. Rebecca · · Reply

    “at times, he has the befuddled air of a spectator who accidentally wandered onto the field,” Love that line! When my son started playing soccer, he was very similar. Every year gets better and now he actually looks like a soccer player on the field. I hope Sage continues to enjoy himself.

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