Happy 20th Birthday to my Mother

Mom, Harper, and the Mighty Tower of Cupcakes

Mom, Harper, and the Mighty Tower of Birthday Cupcakes

I want to take this opportunity to wish a happy 20th birthday to my mother. Yes, this is a problematic statement, given that it makes her significantly younger than I am, but hey–SHE’S the Birthday Girl, SHE gets to choose her age. (I like her philosophy and plan to run with it whenever my own birthday comes around from now on.)

Although her birthday is actually today, it was celebrated yesterday with a tremendous gathering of friends and family, including a visit by my brother Dan, his wife Megan, and their daughter Harper, who drove all the way from Chicago to be part of the festivities. The weather was perfect–delightfully sunny without being oppressive–and the mint juleps were cold: an auspicious start to her third decade of life.

The steady stream of well-wishers was a testament to how much she’s loved by scores of friends and co-workers, not to mention by this particular daughter.

Happy birthday, Mom.


  1. It sounds like your mother is ageless – and very shapely too by the photo I see here. I’ve always thought cupcake towers were a sensible approach to birthday cakes. No knifes, no fussing about size of piece, very sanitary too. Well, usually.

    Great post!

  2. maryann55@charter.net · · Reply

    Thank you, Rebecca, for the beautiful birthday tribute. The main reason my hair has not grayed over the years is that I was fortunate enough to have 3 really great children who made my job as their mother really pretty easy. I was one of those rare parents who looked forward to parent-teacher conferences because I always heard positive reports about them. Maybe it was my great parenting skills, but I also believe it was because I had innately wonderful children.

  3. I think everyone should choose what age to be. Personally I’d go with thirty. Old enough to have learned a few lessons But young e ough to be without the wrinkles that go with them.

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