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An Unexpected View

This is a story for a new year: a combination of loss and epiphany—a beginning unfurling beyond an end. It starts on a hill, a steep descent where the road had been bordered by enwombing trees—a cool shady tunnel during the summer, a place where ferns and flowers nestled against the almost vertical edge on […]

Apples on a winter tree

Yesterday I took advantage of a “warm up” (temperatures slightly above zero!!!) to refill the bird feeders, and I was both pleased and amazed to realize that despite a spell of the coldest weather in decades, one of my apple trees is still stubbornly clinging to its fruit. Maybe I shouldn’t encourage its mania–those shriveled […]

Colicky horses and canine inspirations

My dog Chaussette may be dying, but apparently she never got the message about that inconvenient fact. It’s been over a month now since I loaded her and my son Sage into the car and drove them to Sage’s school. “You should probably say goodbye,” I told Sage as he got out. “Chaussette might be […]

Clawing my way out

My summer should have been idyllic—laughter of children and words of friends, chortling of chickens and song of birds, unfolding of flowers and swelling of fruit—seemingly endless days of sunlight and warmth. I saw the sun, all right, but it was from the bottom of a dark hole; its rays occasionally reached me, but all […]

An experience to put all bad days into perspective…

The library where I work recently invited climber and author Isabel Suppé to come speak about her near-death experience when, while climbing in the Andes, she and her partner plunged 1100 feet down a mountain. Unfortunately, nobody showed up; I felt awful about that. The silver lining, though, was that I got a chance to […]

Counsels From My Garden

Panicky, overwhelmed, weeds everywhere I looked, purple-leaved tomatoes languishing in their battered metal cages: My garden looked the way I felt. I’d been fighting to stave off panic, and the chaotically overgrown garden seemed a physical manifestation of my frantic mind. My husband had announced that we’d need new siding—the basement walls had begun to […]