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Hover Boy

I admit, I was skeptical when Sage first started campaigning for a hover board. From the way he explained it, it sounded like a Segue without the stick–and I don’t even understand the point of a Segue WITH a stick when owned by a person with functioning legs! But Sage was adamant: He HAD to […]

The Homer Cake

Just when I think our local baker can’t find possibly outdo the marvelous birthday cakes he made Sage in previous years, he finds a way. This year, Sage wanted a Homer Simpson cake. Instead of just putting a picture of Homer on a sheet cake, this is what Bob created: I have to confess that […]

The Cell Phone

We finally did it. We took the plunge. We took a risk. Our child might never be the same again. But Paul and I did it. We got Sage a cell phone for his 10th birthday. It was something we’d been contemplating for a while. Since we don’t have a land line, we didn’t dare leave […]

The End of the Cake

All things must pass–joy, sorrow, winter, summer, long homework assignments, and (in this case) birthday cakes. Sage’s cake, complete with a three dimensional water slide, was truly spectacular this year. Alas, however, it is no more; it’s been digested by happy party-goers. But it went out in a blaze of glory. Here are its final […]

The Birthday Walk

I took my first Birthday Walk last year, a long meandering journey through the back roads near my house. To be honest, it was more of a Birthday Escape than a Birthday Walk; I was feeling tired, overwhelmed, and unwilling to speak to anyone. But nobody could have remained cranky when brightly clad trees were […]

Happy 20th Birthday to my Mother

I want to take this opportunity to wish a happy 20th birthday to my mother. Yes, this is a problematic statement, given that it makes her significantly younger than I am, but hey–SHE’S the Birthday Girl, SHE gets to choose her age. (I like her philosophy and plan to run with it whenever my own […]

My Divine Husband

My son Sage’s sixth birthday has come and gone, and lo, my husband hath wrought a miracle in its passage. OK, it may not be a Jesus-level loaves and fishes miracle, but it was still pretty darn clever. Here’s what happened: Sage’s birthday party took place at the local bowling alley, and we had all […]