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The Autumnal Snow

Winter is making an early guest appearance this year: This mid-October day has featured a steady snow. We’re used to seeing a few rogue flakes at this time of year, but this is something else entirely. My winter hating husband is chagrined, but the bright side is: A) Even though at least an inch has […]

Memories of Color

The Earth around me is bleak, shivering under a thin mantle of snow. So I’ll add cheer to the day by posting a scene from autumn’s full glory.   There. That helped.

On the Defiance of Sunflowers

A little over a week ago, I was thrilled to discover a lonely sunflower growing on the compost pile, cheerfully defying both its unpalatable origin and the impending chill. Unlike its garden peers, who were already shriveled and brown, this plucky little flower turned its unwaveringly sunny gaze up to the ominous gray sky. “What […]

Scenes from the Fall

Autumn is passing its peak here in Wisconsin, but the maple tree in our yard went out in a blaze of glory. The tree is now naked, but the here are some scenes from before the glory faded:      

Ephemeral Friends

Autumn made an admirable bid for immortality, but a hard frost here and a snowstorm to our south have pretty well squelched its pretensions. Since Autumn, despite its uncanny length this year, turned out to be ephemeral after all, I’ll honor it by remembering some other ephemeral friends it had offered me. As I walked […]

The Birthday Walk

I took my first Birthday Walk last year, a long meandering journey through the back roads near my house. To be honest, it was more of a Birthday Escape than a Birthday Walk; I was feeling tired, overwhelmed, and unwilling to speak to anyone. But nobody could have remained cranky when brightly clad trees were […]

The Flight in the Fall

Yesterday was one of the loveliest days I’ve ever experienced, a democratic day that assured all the senses of their inherent equality: the smell of earth and leaves and distant smoke; the sound of songbirds, clear and sweet, and the burbling counterpoint of basking hens; the feel of drying leaves and the rough texture of […]

The Evolution of a Leaf Monster

Fall is here, and as I’ve learned recently, it provides a natural habitat for Leaf Monsters (otherwise known as six-year-old boys in leaf piles.) Behold my recent documentation of one of these elusive creatures: Please note: This photo documentary was created at the express request of the Leaf Monster himself.