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The Peri Tree

My long-anticipated mulberry trees have finally arrived. I’d ordered them in my grandmother’s honor—she grew up with a mulberry tree in her backyard—and I figured it would be best to hedge my bets by buying three, one for her house and two for mine. (These trees are more than just trees; they’re commemorations of my […]

Aquanion Castle

Sage’s first piece of architecture has been created: Aquanion Castle was born when he discovered a chunk missing from the edge of a large flower pot in front of our house. “Don’t worry,” I reassured him. “It will make a perfect toad house if we flip it over.” It was good advice—in theory. The reality […]

The Mystery Machine

At first I thought the scraping and groaning of metal outside our house was a plow going by, a vigilante guarding Augusta against rogue snowdrifts. But the noise continued, and I realized something odd was going on. I went to the front window and saw a large piece of heavy equipment with a small plow […]

An Ode to the Amish

OK, this isn’t really an ode—I have neither the time nor the energy to produce a real ode—but I like the sound of “An Ode to the Amish.” And my appreciation for my Amish neighbors is equally profound no matter whether it appears in poetry or prose. I’ve seen bits and pieces of some of […]

Rooting for the coyotes

The last few days have yielded quite a few story ideas, not the least of which involves strangers with high-powered rifles. Coyote hunters colonized my road on Saturday. I’d seen them in previous years in other local areas, but this was the first time I’d seen them so close to home. I’d been fighting prejudice […]

Boredom as a foreign concept

I’ve taken my son to my friend’s house, so I’m trying to squeeze as much as possible into the scant but precious child-free time. (I love my son, but his presence is NOT conducive to productivity, especially when it comes to writing.) I want to use this opportunity to list all the things I’d like […]

Mundane miracles

I just finished revising an essay I wrote about the miraculous nature of ordinary events, and I was going to post it today since I’m not feeling incredibly inspired to generate new content. But Facebook has just confirmed my thesis that the biggest miracles lie wrapped in a cloak of normalcy: my brother posted a […]