Bobbing for Kibble

Lily wouldn’t eat her kibble, and Court was hovering on the sidelines, waiting to swoop in and (being a gentleman) remove eating from her to-do list by doing the job himself.

So I did what any normal pet owner would do: I dropped some bits of kibble into her water dish.

Man, was that a good move. She plunged her snout in and snorkeled happily until all was consumed.


Lily begins her kibble-dive.

Several kibble-drops later, the game was as fresh and exciting as it was the first time around.

Although it was also messy.


The aftermath of one of Lily’s dives.

On the plus side, Lily’s soggy antics forced me to clean the floor. And she was entirely satisfied with her watery kibble bits.


Lily basks in the glow of her fun new game.

Who needs a toddler if you have a puppy?

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