A Boy, His Dogs, and His Ducks

Between a sojourn in the Land of the One-Handed (thanks to a sprained wrist from a spill on the ice) and my tween’s discovery of the Magic of YouTube, my ability to blog has been significantly reduced lately. And yet the blogless month was still replete with cuteness.

I present to you a sampling of that cuteness in the form of a boy, his dogs, and his ducks:


Sage poses with the ever-faithful Court. Note the cast on Sage’s right hand; he preceded me into the Land of the One-Handed at the beginning of Christmas break, when he broke his thumb snowboarding. He’s still a prolific player of video games and watcher of YouTube videos despite being down a thumb, though.


Sage poses with our equally faithful ducks Veelie and Brownie who, despite their increasing proficiency at flying, always come home. The same cannot be said of the fickle third duck, who defected to our neighbor’s farm.


Sage hoists the ever-growing Lily to show off their new haircuts; both boy and beast got shorn on the same day. 


One comment

  1. A boy good to animals is most likely good to people too. Ah, Sage, good boy!

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