Lily’s Snow Day

Lily wasn’t sure what to make of snow at first; she shivered pathetically by the door, wondering why I’d inflicted all of this nasty, cold white stuff on her.


Lily expresses her unhappiness with her first snow encounter.

Then she had a revelation: Snow may be cold, but she can DIG IN IT!!!

Her passion for digging had previously been a forbidden one since her favorite digging spots were muddy, guano-filled holes by the chicken pen or, when indoors, her dog bed. (Her attempts to dig through THAT were clearly futile, but she never stopped trying.)

But snow offered digging opportunities beyond her wildest puppy dreams, and she was quick to take advantage of them.


Lily indulges her previously forbidden passion for digging.



Lily finally takes a break.

Forget making lemonade when life gives you lemons: When life gives you snow, you make HOLES.

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