A House and a Monster


Paul in his house, Sage in his monster mask, and Gerald the Puppet at the door

Now that we’re closing in on Thanksgiving, it’s time to record some Halloween memories before they dissipate like a specter at sunrise.

Thanks to a fling with Stranger Things, Sage insisted on being one of the monsters from that show. After much deliberation, he and Paul concluded that there was no way to create an effective home-made version of the creatures with fanged, flower petal jaws, so they conceded defeat and ordered a mask from Amazon.

Paul’s costume, however, was a product of vision and artistry. After a day of laboring mightily in his man-garage, Paul had produced a wearable house–complete with a chimney-stack hat–and a door that could open. “I’m a brick house,” he explained. “Like the song.”

Sage felt that the house needed an inhabitant, so an old sock became Gerald, a yarn-headed puppet who lived on Paul’s hand and grumpily hurled open the door when children at our friend’s Halloween party knocked. Sage was quick to point out that as cool as Paul’s house was, HIS puppet was the true pièce de résistance.

Fortunately, a little discussion and a LOT of candy resolved all artistic disputes, and another Halloween passed successfully.

Now they have plenty of time to plan next year’s costumes.

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