The Aspiring Duck

We’ve recently acquired three ducklings, yes, but our little dog Caesar is aspiring to become a fourth.

He lounged with them:


Caesar spends some quality time on the grass with the ducklings.

He walked with them:


Caesar joined the parade of ducklings until Brownie gave him a piece of his mind.

He even begged for meal worms with them:


Caesar observes Brownie’s surprisingly developed begging technique.

Alas, although the ducklings tolerate Caesar’s presence, they’ve shown no interest in admitting a small dog into their ranks.

Which is just as well, since they’ll outweigh him soon. And they have claws.

It might be a good time for Caesar to come to peace with his dogness.

One comment

  1. Yay to Sage, yay for ducks. Not long ago I saw a fuzzy duck in the corner of a photo of me as a 5-year-old holding a doll.

    The fact that this photo ended up as the major focus of my memoir cover made me a wee bit embarrassed at not noticing the duck before!

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