A Few More of My Floral Amours

My last post was about how I fell in love with a flower. Alas, hussy that I am, I’ve added more floral amours to my life.

There’s the red Calynopsis that I bought from the same Amish greenhouse as my beloved Bluebird Columbine:


The sturdy pansies, ever cheerful and always faithfully blooming:


The lilacs, which started blooming much later than usual but atoned for their delay with a long and spectacular display:


The apple trees, whose thick white mantles promised a fruitful fall:


And my favorite irises, which look and smell like the sky:


The lilacs and apple blossoms are little more than memory by now, but the irises are just beginning, and the dogged little pansies bloom without interruption.

And my Bluebird Columbine, whose petals all blew away in a windstorm a couple of weeks ago, has climbed back up and is raising its delicate little face to the sun.


In a world so full of beauty, who can be faithful to just one flower?

One comment

  1. I like the floral amours, and your admission of liking more than one flower type. Otherwise, you are NOT a hussy in my books – ha!

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