Hover Boy

I admit, I was skeptical when Sage first started campaigning for a hover board. From the way he explained it, it sounded like a Segue without the stick–and I don’t even understand the point of a Segue WITH a stick when owned by a person with functioning legs!

But Sage was adamant: He HAD to have one, it was the only thing he wanted for his birthday, and he was willing to sacrifice all other gifts to have this one pricey item. I suspected the machine would be gathering dust a few days after the novelty had worn off, but there was no arguing with him. So a hover board it was.

So far, he’s played with it with surprising fidelity. He demonstrated a few poses for me:


Sage on hoverboard.jpg

Casual pose

Thoughtful Sage on hoverboard

Thoughtful pose

Sage with Caesar on hoverboard

Holding a fuzzy passenger pose

I guess it was a good gift after all.

One comment

  1. Hoorah for Sage! One of my grand-boys is BIG into skateboarding.

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