The Squirrel Visitation

Many people consider squirrels mundane, ubiquitous, and perhaps even annoying. Not my dogs, though; they’ve been fascinated by the plump squirrels that have been raiding the bird feeders on our deck.

Squirrel at feeder

Our fuzzy guest enjoys his meal

Squirrels are a surprising novelty out here in the country; they generally keep to the woods, so it’s rare for us to see them. But deep snow and frequent subzero temperatures make desperate times that call for desperate measures; my normally unassuming neighbors have become feeder raiders.

They used to confine their meals to the bird feeder hanging off an apple tree by our garden. The drifts have gotten so deep, though, that I can’t plow my way to it anymore, so the birds now get their choice of the two feeders hanging off our deck.

It didn’t take the squirrels long to figure out where the goods are, much to my dogs’ delight. Yesterday, both were staring at a fuzzy guest with the intensity of a cat staring at a bird.

Best dogs watching squirrel

The dogs stare at the strange new creature

Then, both dogs lit up with a simultaneous realization: THEY HAVE A DOG DOOR!!!

Both canines disappeared, then reappeared on the deck within seconds. Alas, their guest was swifter than they were, and all they could do was dash awkwardly across the yard, sinking into the snow every few steps, barking furiously.

The squirrel was annoyed but not intimidated. He’s been back, multiple times, and so the futile pursuit continues.

At least the dogs have a winter sport to keep them in shape.


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