The Pizza Chef

On one of the (now numerous) days when Sage’s school was cancelled because of snow and/or frigid temperatures, he discovered his inner Pizza Chef.

I’d tried a new recipe for flatbread a few days before, and he’d been quick to notice that the bread would make an excellent pizza crust. So, holed up in the house together, we used the ingredients we had on hand to make our first homemade pizza.

Sage took his role as Pizza Chef very seriously.

Sage spreading pizza sauce

Once the bread was baked, Sage carefully spread pizza sauce over it.

Intent Sage cutting pizza

He cut the pizza with the same attention to detail that he had during his initial pizza design.

Sage posing with pizza

Sage was proud of the results of his labor, which were both aesthetic and delicious.

We’ve since made three more pizzas and enjoyed every one of them. All I can say is, if he becomes a wealthy Pizza Mogul, he’d better put me in a really good nursing home. After all, I DID make the bread!

One comment

  1. That little boy is turning into a mighty fine young man ~ chef too. Soon you can hang up your apron and let him take over, occasionally. Right?

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