Sage and the Snowblower

I apparently jinxed myself when I complained a few weeks ago about the lack of snow in my region; the Weather Gods seem to have heard me, and now we’ve gone from a deficit to a surplus of snow within a couple of weeks. Between the snow and a visit from the Polar Vortex, Sage has missed so much school that I was starting to worry he’d be shaving before he got out of fifth grade.

It was a pretty sweet deal as far as HE was concerned, though. Not only did he get all that time off, but he got to drive the snowblower. This machine–which has another incarnation as a riding lawnmower during the summer–is, to me, big, loud, and unwieldy. To HIM, it’s awesome, one of the few instances in his life where Work and Fun converge.

So, with uncharacteristic enthusiasm for a chore, he joined me for a snowblower driving lesson from Paul. He had fun, the driveway was cleared, all was good.

Until the next snowstorm, anyway.

Sage driving snowblower

Sage drives the snowblower like a pro.

One comment

  1. Sage needs a learner’s permit!

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