Sage the Snowboarder

Winter has finally arrived, and it’s making up for its tardiness with a vengeance. Between cancellations due to sub-zero temperatures and cancellations due to snow, Sage has only attended school a few days these past couple of weeks–and some of them shortened thanks to a two hour delay. At this rate, he’ll be attending school in July.

But he’s been taking advantage of the impromptu vacation to resume his snowboarding, which he’d been sorely miffed about lacking during this hitherto snowless winter. Although he hadn’t been on his board since last winter, he picked up where he left off with surprising ease.

Sage strapping on snowboard

Sage straps on his snowboard.

Sage snowboarding down hill

Sage cruises down the hill with an ease I can admire but definitely not emulate.

Of course, every trip down the hill inevitably means a trip back up–a labor intensive affair that involves unstrapping the snowboard and hauling it back up the hill. But Sage tackled the task with impressive determination.

Sage walking from base of hill

Sage gamely trudges back up the hill.

I can’t help but be amazed that a child who complains of fatigue when asked to vacuum can spend hours climbing a snowy hill, but such is the case.

The winter weather might be costing him quite a bit of education, but it sure is making him buff.

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