Middle of January it may be, but you’d never know that if you looked out the window; the few patches of snow clinging to an otherwise naked landscape look more like a scene from March. I can’t help feeling unnerved by the freakish lack of snow, so I’m trying to look on the Bright Side of Climate Change.

The chickens like it; instead of being confined to their coop, they’re out free ranging to their hearts’ content.

chickens in snowless landscape

The chickens free ranging in the garden

chicken by tree in snowless landscape

A chicken pauses to pose by an apple tree.

And little boys like it; as much as Sage bemoaned his inability to ride his beloved snowboard, he was able to console himself with roller blades–so much so that he and his buddy actually VOLUNTEERED to accompany me on a walk with the dogs. (Well, I walked the dogs while the boys whizzed around me, Sage on his roller blades and his buddy on a scooter.)

sage and braedin on hill

Sage and his buddy pose during our walk.

So, as much as I miss snow, its absence has some advantages. Change is good.

I hope.



One comment

  1. Brace yourself for a blizzard. It’s probably coming – ha!

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