Male Bonding, Halloween Style


Sage and Paul show off their Halloween masterpieces.

I have to confess, I’m the Halloween equivalent of the Grinch: I don’t like gorging on candy, and I REALLY don’t like dressing up. My menfolk, on the other hand, have no such problem.

Sage got his costume–a disturbingly large baby mask and a red skin suit that made him look distressingly like a flayed infant–from Goodwill weeks before Halloween.

Unfortunately, two days before the big event, Paul was still scrambling, but the Halloween Muse just wasn’t descending.

However, thanks to some cardboard, duct tape, and an obliging co-worker with an inflatable ostrich, Paul triumphed in the end. I’m not quite sure what he was supposed to be–probably a knight riding an ostrich, but some ambiguity remained. Still, the important thing was that he was IN COSTUME, and Halloween was saved.

The pair of them made the Trick-or-Treating rounds, and Sage returned with almost his birth weight in candy. All was well in their world.

It was male bonding, Halloween style.

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